Intelligun® Brings Innovation and Next Level of Firearm Safety to the Market, Supports Gun Owners Right to Choose

Salt Lake City, UT – 02/20/2014

Kodiak Industries announced today, they are pleased with the response they are receiving from gun owners, wholesalers and distributors regarding the distribution of the new Intelligun® 1911 accessory. While Intelligun, LLC, and Kodiak Industries have produced one of the most important and innovative leaps forward in gun safety, they equally support gun owners’ right to choose the appropriate level and method for securing their personal firearms.

“Our industry is committed to providing extensive education and training for responsible gun ownership,” stated Bill Gentry, President of Kodiak Industries, a firearms manufacturer and distribution company. “While we intend to continue researching, producing and distributing the most innovative products for our customers, we also remain committed to the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. We oppose the idea of mandating such technology through political means. Not only is such legislation misguided, it’s also realistically impossible to retro-fit all firearms currently in circulation today.”

“We have applied the most advanced technology and engineering resources available to develop Intelligun®, but our primary goal was simple; enable more safe gun ownership by providing an effective and seamless additional layer of safety," said Mr. Gentry. "Intelligun® is embedded right into the firearm, preventing access by resourceful children or enterprising criminals, yet still immediately accessible to authorized users. Although there is no substitute alternative for proper education and training, Intelligun® is a fundamental breakthrough toward addressing firearm safety and access concerns for millions of gun owners and potential gun owners."

Intelligun® is a patented fingerprint locking system for your firearm, which only unlocks for you and those you choose to authorize. No keys, rings, watches, or codes to fumble or forget are needed. Simply by picking up and holding your firearm normally, Intelligun® validates your authorized fingerprint and unlocks in an instant. The moment you release your grip, Intelligun® relocks, rendering your firearm completely inoperable for anyone else once again. For more information about Intelligun® or for sales and ordering information, visit

Contact: Bill Gentry, Kodiak Industries - - (801) 924-0253

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